NAMES:  Sandrine Partridge and John A Vasilakos
IDEA: The Formula 1® Virtual Championship (F1VC) application harnesses predictive analysis and gamification to boost fan engagement in F1®. It allows fans to access, actively analyse and apply customised predictive forecasts against other fans in a virtual championship. The F1VC has four levels for different fan types – Fan, Enthusiast, Aficionado and Expert – maximising opportunities to engage with different fans. The level determines the number of variables the player needs to predict, i.e. a Fan will need to choose top 10 drivers for a race only, whereas an Expert needs to predict the top 10 for qualifying, and predict how many places each driver will move during the race, as well as their the pit-stop and tyre strategies. Players score points for accuracy. The F1VC assesses and scores the predictions of each player and ranks them accordingly.